in〜, on〜(part1)



Japanese always arrive in time for the meet-up time.

arrive in timeで「その時間内に到着する」
be in time「間に合う」
finish in time「時間内に終わる」

If you arrive on time, it's a miracle.

arrive on time「時間ちょうど(定刻)に到着する」

We hold a weekly meeting on Mondays.
The new product is going on sale in April.
He was born on the 14th of June in 1999.

時間を表すin, on

meet in August 8月に会う
meet on Friday
meet on August 20

at, on, inの違い

  • in: week, month, year, century, season
  • on: day, day of the week
  • at: time